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Purple and Grey Argyle Socks Purple and Grey Argyle Socks
Purple and Grey Argyle Socks
Regular price $12.00 USD
Lavender and Grey Argyle Socks Lavender and Grey Argyle Socks
Lavender and Grey Argyle Socks
Regular price $12.00 USD
Solid Lilac Socks Solid Lilac Socks
Solid Lilac Socks
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Purple and Grey Polka Dot Socks Purple and Grey Polka Dot Socks
Purple and Grey Polka Dot Socks
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Wisteria Purple with White Polka Dot Socks Wisteria Purple with White Polka Dot Socks
Wisteria Purple with White Polka Dot Socks
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Purple, Grey, and White Striped Toddler Socks Purple, Grey, and White Striped Toddler Socks
Purple, Grey, and White Striped Toddler Socks
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Sangria with White Polka Dot Socks Sangria with White Polka Dot Socks
Sangria with White Polka Dot Socks
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Your Complete Guide to Buying & Wearing Purple Socks

Some people think it’s ‘not their style’ to step out in anything as bold as bright-colored socks, but this is a fun, confident and vibrant look that many folks can pull off. 

Anyone can wear a classic black or gray and get away with it--but you’ll be seen as a trendsetter by proudly donning purple.

Stylish socks now come in so many diverse colors and patterns that there’s a pair for every person and occasion, and that’s particularly reflected in unique ranges from upmarket sock brands. Here, individual taste is truly catered for, and every pair of socks boasts top quality no matter the shade or color selection. 

High-end sock brands lift shopping for socks out of the mundane and into the spectacular, and it’s certain that purple lovers are going to have a treat for the feet.

So, do you need to be ultra-confident to pull on a pair of purple socks?

No, but they just happen to make you appear that way, making them an ideal choice for people who are under-confident as much as for the outgoing. The array of styles and shades on offer allows you to reflect your very own purple personality. 

Choose something subtle and soft, traditional and toned down, or bold and bright. 

Whether you’re into passionate, fashionable shades such as a sweet polka-dot purple, looking for a powerful pop, or trying to bring a unique personality into your style, purple is a drop-dead-gorgeous, distinguishing color that’ll fit every occasion.

Part of purple socks’ appeal is the delightful way the wearer almost asks to be “seen”. It’s a stately color of power that evokes a sense of calm and serenity--while also saying, “hey, look at me--I’m bold enough to wear purple on my feet!”

Purple was also once the color of choice for nobility, including aristocrats, emperors, princes, kings & other royals. In days gone by, purple socks would have been made of raw silks and velvets--entirely impractical nowadays, of course--and these are the glorious forerunners of the vast array of stunning purple socks we can find these days.  

Get this: ordinary folks would have faced death if they’d worn purple during the Ancient Roman Empire, as the color was only reserved for the Emperor! Nowadays, take advantage of being allowed to!

History aside, purple is indeed a versatile, regal and elegant color ‘worth dying for’. 

This guide lays out everything you need to know about choosing and wearing the right purple socks, to take your outfits to the next level. Bear in mind too, that superior socks make a perennial gift so once you’ve chosen your desired color and pattern, you can have the socks of your choice boxed and mailed to whomever you choose. 

Fifty Shades of … Purple?

Purple is a plush secondary color sitting right between roaring reds and bullish blues, which means it combines the fierce energy of the former with the calm ambiance and assertiveness of the latter.

In a technical sense, purple is a serene sister to violet, yet much bolder than blue, pink, and other pastels on the same spectrum.

Purple comes in a gamut of hues, tints or shades that run from near brown to close to pink or red. As such, it can be whatever you want it to be. 

For a man looking to integrate purple socks into his styling routine, classic purplish socks like burgundy or maroon in an appropriately muted argyle pattern might seem like the safest bet. These are far from garish and constitute the choice of old Scots lairds. Think of ancient Scottish castles, the glowing fireside, and a chilly winter’s eve. In fact, these appear reddish-purple and Robert the Bruce wouldn’t have been at all out of place in a pair. 

If you want something fresh and exciting, however, you’re not going to be disappointed here either.

Here are some fabulous shades or gradations that you might consider in your purple socks:

1- Lavender

Oh, lavender – it’s sweet, delicate and fragrant. A delightfully light shade of purple, a pale variant of violet, lavender socks ooze elegance, grace, and more than a little feminine aura. Luscious lavender is pink’s ‘grown-up’ sister and is often considered a precious and fragile shade. The lavender sock is often traditional and classic. The socks we show here are mature and yet playful.

Can a man wear lavender too?

Yes, of course he can. For many years, lavender and purple socks were refused their rightful place in a man’s wardrobe; men will probably always rely on core tones such as black and white socks, but nowadays, you’re allowed to experiment. 

So, wear your lavender socks with an outfit that says you’re special and unique. You can also use purple socks to accent traditional, dulled-down colors and make a quiet statement or seem mysterious.

Good thing you don't even have to look hard to find something handsome and stylish that'll marry well with lavender. Light purple socks will play nicely with loads of hues, including neutral colors like navy and gray, as well as brighter blues and even pinks. Oh, and let’s not forget yellow

Many men are seen teaming up purple and yellow these days--so whatever tone appears the dominant one in your socks, don’t be afraid to match it with a seemingly ‘opposing’ bright shade.

Lavender is a color ready-made for spring and other warmer months. Above all, whether you prefer your socks patterned or solid, both are fair game. As a suggestion, you’ll never go wrong with a khaki chino suit and any pastel ties, shorts or shirts.

2- Violet

Ultraviolet was named 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year, so no wonder it’s all the rage right now. It’s a purple color with a touch more blue, often linked to exploration and spirituality. Like purple itself, violet suggests royalty and riches, which is why you should incorporate it into any sophisticated outfit, whether a wedding suit, office wear or day-to-day attire. 

This color is good enough for Queen Elizabeth II; she is often seen in her violet hues that speak of old English aristocracy. 

Unlike yellow loved by Gen-Z’s, baby-boomer blues or millennial pinks, violet can be a little intimidating to wear because it’s strong and authoritative. So, be careful with your choice of other colors to mix-and-match.

For a practical yet fashionable look, stick with classics such as a solid blue jacket or blazer. Your vivacious violet socks will go well with navy leather shoes. If you’re after a contemporary outfit, on the other hand, don dark brown suede boots and a charcoal plaid blazer to add magic to your violet socks.

For a casual appeal in your outfit, your socks should be matched with a pair of leather loafers in black and a navy denim jacket. To pull off a daily outfit packed with character and charm, go for a gray check suit and brown suede desert boots. It's all about bringing these three stylish colors together.

3- Magenta

Better known as fuchsia, magenta is a dark pink shade of purple. You know, like the flowering shrub? Think of those beautiful bell-shaped blossoms. 

In an outfit, magenta suggests a bright touch, and is fun--yet is also the hue of emotional balance and harmony.

If you are looking for contrast, magenta will work like a charm paired with colors between green and yellow.

If you’re trying to shy away from contrast, indigo or dark blue will do the trick. 

For the sake of good taste, however, avoid oranges and reds at all costs, indulge in lime and aqua, and don’t go near yellows that veer toward orange. (Well, not unless you seek to be super bold and make a daring and individual fashion statement by a mix-and-match orange-magenta sock display. Actually, if you happen to own identical socks in differing colors, mix-and-match is something you can always play with in an entrepreneurial setting). 

To complete your ensemble, dark purple socks work well with all white or all black. A splash of pink will not hurt either, especially in small accessories like ties or bracelets.

4- Mauve

Mauve is an oddly warm and flattering shade of purple, as seen in the paler stripe of the sock shown. It’s quite close to lilac too. One of the most sought-after hues in the purple family, mauve is a light gray-toned shade and sits especially well with gray as a color combo.

Talking fashion and style, this is a soft and cozy color that’s ideal for winter and fall styling. As for mauve socks, they complement amazingly well with everything yellow (just as we said for violet socks) but don’t hesitate to try out yellow-orange shirts, pants, suit, etc.

Yellow will look energetic and vivid when integrated into mauve, adding more character and interest to your outfit. Mauve also works perfectly well with nearly all nudes, particularly camel and beige (think beige dress shirts).

You can also go neutral, as whites and blacks never disappoint when married with mauve. This is especially true for shoes.

5- Amethyst

Often associated with jewelry and birthstones, amethyst is a bright shade of purple that mobilizes toward red-violet. It has a vibrancy and prettiness so is perfect for gift boxing for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. With amethyst, you can easily draw the attention of those around you and create an expensive look without going overboard. It’s also young and girlish--and very appealing to feminine dressers.

When putting together your outfit, the color should go nicely with muted or dulled shades such as gray. The brilliant undertones, for example, will pull your outfit together with a warm and cozy touch of gray.

When it's sunny, pair your amethyst purple socks with a light yellow shirt and a top in sky blue. Dark brown desert boots add a charm to the ensemble.

6- Periwinkle

Named after an equally gorgeous flower, periwinkle is a bright shade that sits between purple and blue. It’s a blend of light blue and lavender, making it a colorful shade that might turn off some men--well, unless it’s seen on a beautiful woman!

Be that as it may, periwinkle is one shade in the purple family that’s incredibly easy to pull off, especially in socks and lower peripherals.

Because of its radiant nature, this adds a sunny or springtime vibe to your outfit, often alongside other brights. So, go bold or go quiet and calm--periwinkle works both ways. 

White, salmon and dark blue shades blend perfectly with periwinkle, and so do yellow-brown hues.

Still, periwinkle goes well with apricot, yellow & green, turquoise, and pastel, pretty pinks. Don’t forget to complete with violet-blue or sky blue.

7- Eggplant

Eggplant (sometimes known as aubergine) is a dark shade of purple, much like magenta but a little brownish. As the name suggests, the color looks like the exterior skin of a ripe European eggplant.

The most popular colors and shades that go well with eggplant purple include muted hues like gray, or neutrals like black and white. Violets will also do well if not oversaturated.

If you truly want to add an interesting element to your outfit, layer the color with purple shades with more red, such as plum, or more light like lilac.

A classic example would be to wear eggplant purple socks with a pair of tobacco suede shoes and a gray checked shirt jacket. The result will be a smashing city casual look.

You can also mix and match eggplant with other depths and hues of greens, including green socks for a funked-up fashion statement. One purple eggplant sock, one green striped sock--whyever not?

Honestly, there are way too many tints of purple to cover in this guide. The good news is that most fall between light purples like lavender and dark purples like magenta. Bright purples like lilac are more regal and create a noble look, while darker shades are conservative.

What Goes Well with Purple Socks

While you don’t have to be a styling guru to learn how to wear purple socks--as great, eye catching and well-presented socks can fit every occasion and gift opportunity--there are a few hard and fast rules to keep top of mind.

In this section, we lay out the basics of what you should and what you shouldn’t wear with a pair of purple socks. It all depends on what ensemble you are trying to pull off.


Traditionally, purple can go well with a wide range of shoe types and finishing. Nonetheless, wearing a bright pair of purple socks with a pair of flamboyant cowboy boots won’t cut it. That’s because adding a noticeable pair of purple socks in focal patterns such as polka dots could make you look clownish. You really need the socks or the boots to make the statement; don;t wear two statement pieces together.

(Plus, many socks can make a big statement all on their own, especially if they or their bespoke label bear a special message--just something else to think about when ordering).

The same is true for out-there kinds of shoes like sneakers and metallics. These stand out on their own--no pun intended.

Instead, purple socks combine with shoes in muted and neutral shades. As such, you can take advantage of the versatility of purple to add jazz to a range of low-key shoe colors, including gray, beige, navy, brown, etc. Here, think of brown suede shoes, beige leather shoes, tobacco suede tassel loafers, and so forth.

For the ladies, off-white lace-up shoes, silver sandals, mustard Swedish sandals, black heels, gold heels, magenta heels, and other shoes in muted pastels will do.

For a retro look, little flat shoes teamed with purple or lilac polka-dot socks can be playful and amusing. Turn down the ankle cuff for a sweet--and girlish--look. 


A tie or scarf can easily become the focus of the whole attire despite covering a smaller real estate of the outfit. For this reason, purple socks shouldn’t really be paired with ties, scarves, etc in bright colors – it’s just too risqué and overwhelming. Again, let bold or cute socks take the limelight all on their own, and the brighter they are, the more important that is.

If the tie is muted green, wearing dark gray pants, brown suede shoes, and purple socks will complete a fantastic ensemble.

If the tie or scarf is bold or bright, wear aubergine purple or violet classic socks. 

The same can be said for nudes like a striped burgundy tie for a practical look, beige print tie for an off-duty outfit, black knit tie for everyday wear, and a navy scarf with white polka dots for your casual collection.

You can also play around with greens, violets, blues, and oranges. Purple socks can also marry well with a violet silk tie for a bold fashionable look while matching with a dark green print tie will offer a contemporary appeal.


When choosing which outfits and pieces to wear with purple socks, you really must take care if the item is a major part of the ensemble. Here, a color can come to dominate, and wearing a bold shirt with purple socks can be a disaster. It’s also very important to let the ‘statement’ piece be a smaller item if the event or occasion is a formal one. Here, it’s ideal to let the socks be the statement. That’s really important with bold colors like purples. 

Stick with neutrals like all whites, grays, beige, or all blacks when it comes to combining shirts with purple socks. You can never go wrong with these. 

To add some polish to your current casual wear, a white dress shirt will fit the bill. Make the look classier with a brown leather strap watch and maybe dark brown tassel shoes.


A stylish pair of purple socks can be the centerpiece of a three-piece suit. Add leather, suede or loafers.

For a fashion statement, a black or white dress shirt goes nicely with your violet formal socks, gray check 3-piece suit, silver watch, and violet leather loafers.

If you want an outfit that you wear in the office and go straight to a casual party or a club, stick to a white dress shirt, but spice it up with charcoal dress pants, dark brown suede desert boots, and black knit tie.

For your casual collection, mix and match violet socks, black leather derby shoes, and don’t forget to add a navy three-piece suit with other accessories like a polka dot pocket square and a silver watch.

Pocket Squares

Match your purple socks with a muted or purple pocket square. Either way, the two accessories won’t clash due to their small sizes.

Even so, shy away from atypical and bright colors when it comes to the pocket square.

 Ideally, you should go for one that has just a small patch of purple mixed in with other undertones like charcoal. Some people prefer patterns like polka dots, and rightly so.


Your safe bet is to stick to dulled and neutral colors when it comes to combining purple socks and blazers. That’s navy, white, black, beige, gray, etc.

A navy blazer with purple socks, for instance, will help you set up a fashionable urban outfit. You can integrate burgundy leather loafers, navy tie, white pocket square with blue-colored prints, and a brown leather watch to complete the ensemble.

To create an awesome weekend casual look, pair your purple socks with a black parka. Perhaps you can round out the look with a black suede Chelsea shoes, blue jeans, and a dark brown print t-shirt.

A navy striped blazer, on its end, will help you add a modern spin to your casual, especially when combined with brown leather oxford shoes and a silver watch. Or, don a solid blazer and striped purple socks--very reminiscent of college days!

With purple socks, the sky is the limit when it comes to blazers, coats, jackets, and suits. You can even pull off windbreakers, woolen turtlenecks, overcoats, collar coats, field jackets, and much more. The trick is to stay true to purple shades or stick to nude and neutral colors.


Any ensemble that contains purple socks should include either a silver watch, a brown leather watch, an olive leather watch, a gold watch, or a black leather watch.

Are Purple Socks a Good Wedding Idea?

Is a pair of purple socks really a good wedding idea? The answer is a resounding yes.

Purple boasts both a cool charm and a warm touch, combining a strong warm red and a strong cool blue. Little wonder several different shades of purple are a common choice as a wedding color. Furthermore, a purple or purple patterned sock is a good way to introduce the wedding color into the outfit without something as bold or risky as a full-on purple suit.

Plus, the groomsmen, officiant and others can be gifted snazzy purple socks to mark the day! They certainly won’t forget the groom’s generosity and ‘smart’, innovative idea. While we show black socks here, bright and summery purples make a bolder statement of thanks.

Keep in mind, however, that dark purple typically evokes feelings of unhappiness, frustration, and gloom. Magenta, eggplant, raisin, wine, and other dark purples are probably a no-no for a wedding (unless the happy couple already chose them as their colors, in which case, who are you to judge?!).

Bright and light purple shades, on the other hand, signify royalty and calm, which is why they are spot-on for that special day. Lavender, lilac, orchid, periwinkle, and other lighter hues of purple can help add some oomph to a wedding look and are easily matched to ties and handkerchiefs.

Purple Sock Patterns to Consider

For too long, the default sock type has been those in block color, but there are several pattern options for the smart bold dresser.

While filigree & fine patterns usually steal the show, polka dots, stripes, Argyle and other plaid patterns add a flair of style and pizzazz to any pair of purple socks.

Polka Dots

For every man’s or woman’s closet, polka dot socks are indispensable. With this flattering type of pattern, you can play around with several dot colors, and select from a variety of small, or big, polka dots.

No matter what polka dots you go for, these patterned purple socks are poised to attract lots of attention.


Fun, well-thought-out striped socks are always in season. There are many stylish stripe purple socks designs out there. 

When pairing your striped purple socks with your look, choose stripe colors that are also featured somewhere in your outfit.


Argyle is a classic sock pattern that will surely go well with most of your casual and go-to official outfits. If you aren’t sure about styling your purple socks, go for something classic like a diamond argyle pattern.

What if you’re Considering Buying Purple Socks as a Gift?

Despite the size, purchasing the right fit and type of socks for the recipient can be a thoroughly meaningful and thoughtful gift, whether for corporate customers, the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions.

To ensure they’ll not gather dust in someone’s closet, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying purple socks as a gift:

Consider their personality – some people are not too keen on taking fashion risks. That's why you must make sure the person you're buying for is game for a bold sock choice.

Think about the sock fit – It’s crucial to know their size and style. Remember loose-fitting socks bunch up, so make sure that you have a good idea of their sock size so their purple socks sit snugly against their skin from toes to the top.

Sock wicking and padding – These two qualities aren’t just desirable but super essential in a nifty pair of purple socks. Good socks should be absorbent, wicking moisture away from the foot.

Great socks should have padding to cushion the feet from the ground’s impact too, avoiding the skin rubbing against shoes.

Sock material – a no-brainer. The material or fabric your purple socks are crafted from has a massive impact on performance. For cushioning and high moisture-wicking capacity, go for pricier high-end cotton socks.


Once forbidden to common folk and exclusive to royalty and noblemen, purple has a lot going for it as the color of power, serenity, ambition, and opulence.

With the passionate fierce energy of red and calming charm of blue undertones, purple is highly recommended for bold everyday wear, including socks. Well, especially socks!

Purple socks are not only fun and radiant but also regal. There is an amazing range of shades including mauve, eggplant, lilac, lavender, orchid, amethyst, magenta, and many more.

If worn creatively, purple socks can coordinate with a surprising variety of colors, especially nudes and muted hues such as navy, beige, brown, black or white.

Coats, ties, blazers, shirts, pocket squares, scarfs, and other attires in this color all go nicely with purple socks to complete your ensemble.

This makes purple socks an ideal wear for nearly every occasion, including casual, day-to-day wear, office wear, wedding, anniversaries, and so much more. Even better, purple socks can be a fantastic gift idea for holidays, birthdays, and other milestones.