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Navy and Pink Argyle Kids Socks Navy and Pink Argyle Kids Socks
Navy and Pink Argyle Kids Socks
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Burgundy with White Polka Dots Kids Socks
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Bridesmaid Socks
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Your Complete Guide to Buying Groomsmen’s Socks for a Wedding

Congratulations--when’s the big day? Chances are, you’ve gone and snagged an absolutely prime date for your wedding, and can’t wait to see your lovely wife-to-be or husband-to-be walk down the aisle.

Now, it’s time to choose picture-perfect outfits for the groomsmen.

As a smart and ‘well-heeled’ groom, you know that helping your crew feel great and look dashing on your big day takes much more than putting on clean-pressed suits. For a wedding--where these guys will also be very much in the limelight--you need every small detail to be well considered. Much like picking that all-important ring, it’s crucial to think of the theme, style, color, and coordination of the entire outfit for your groomsmen.

Are you going for a happy-go-lucky tweed suit or classic black tuxedo? Should you wear a bow tie, necktie--or even be casual and go open collar? What about pocket squares? Here, socks can often be found to match perfectly, for example these spotted socks represent a typical pocket square color and pattern--but be careful of the sizing on unisex pairs of socks.

Buttonholes or handkerchiefs? Daffodils or carnations?

And of course, every woman knows that a man’s feet say a lot about him! And when we say feet, we mean everything associated. That means the shoes--their style, age, wear and polish--as well as the complementary socks. At a wedding, you have both sides of the family and all generations. Nobody wants to offend the bride’s mother or grandma by choosing the wrong socks. Life just wouldn’t be worth living.
Socks also matter greatly because you’ll all be sitting still in some chilly chapel or hall for who knows how long--and nobody’s day gets off to a good start if you don’t ensure there are no cold feet!

So--footwear. It’s pivotal. Should you stay true to classics like highly polished, immaculate black leather shoes, or give casual shoes a whirl--perhaps in camel or even a soft and ultra-modern blue or pink if you’re all wearing lightweight summer suits? The sky’s the limit when it comes to selecting colors of the primary garments--and once you’ve opted for your choices, you then have to think of all the socks for the groomsmen.

Groomsmen love their socks, too. You will hardly see a wonderful wedding where the groom and his entourage don’t show off their socks. They often feature in the formal photos.

You shouldn’t just go to the nearest mall and pick up a discount pack of five dull gray pairs for a few dollars. Give something your groomsmen will cherish, in a fabric and pattern that will be a perfect match--just like the couple who are marrying.

The bad news is that when it comes to groomsmen’s socks, you’re spoilt for choice, with everything from bold stripes and bright colors to fun patterns and personalized initials — the sky is truly the limit. But your sock choice can make or break your special day. And remember, every woman in the room will be eyeing up the men’s tootsies; women really know how to select superior socks for themselves, as well as for men. Don’t show yourselves up, fellas!

So, the good news, conversely, is that lucky for you, we’re here to help you in your hunt for the perfect pairs of groomsmen’s socks.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Groomsmen’s Socks

The right choice of groomsmen’s socks can truly elevate the vibe and aura around your wedding and create consistency in the groomsmen’s attire, which translates to stunning wedding pictures.
Here are some key factors that you should consider in selecting socks that will make your groomsmen look a million bucks.

1- The Length of the Socks

You want to get the length just right. Liner or no-show socks have no place at a wedding, while anklets, quarters and peds are best left to joggers and trainers.

Socks that stretch well past the ankle the the name of the game for a formal wedding, ensuring that a random patch of leg doesn’t make its way into photographic memory.

The higher-end stores tend to have socks that are a better-suited length for groomsmen; if you see an array of socks all nice and long at a store, this vendor knows how to cater for formal events. And remember; no matter what the color theme of the wedding and the groomsmen’s suits, the length of the sock still needs to be long. So, going toward pastel shades, as an example, is not a reason to wear a summer-length short sock.

Specialized or boutique socks stores are also a safer bet than Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Target, and other big-box retail shops.

2- The Material

The material has an immense influence on socks’ style, comfort, and overall performance. The groomsmen’s feet may sweat heavily, especially when they are rooting for everything to go according to plan and feel responsible for much of it.

You need to fit out your groomsmen in high-quality socks that wick away moisture without any problem and achieve the perfect temperature.

Cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, and cotton are the most common base materials for socks today. A variety of other synthetic materials are made especially for socks. However, the material selection for a wedding means not every sock is suitable.

Choosing a cotton mix with extra stretch provided by Spandex and the innovative properties of polyamide--such as this solid black pair with 80% soft brushed cotton, 15% polyamide and 5% Spandex--would do the trick.

The natural fiber, high-quality cotton of those socks keeps the feet warm enough all day for a winter wedding, yet won’t allow overheating. In hot weather, the cotton allows the foot to cool.

Spandex allows stretch and room for maneuver for all the bending down and standing around the men have to do. Mixing both Spandex and polyamide means these socks will stay in situ as well as in shape. An elasticated and ribbed cuff on a quality sock is a bonus--nobody wants to be pulling up slack socks all day, especially not in front of a photographer and two families who just met for the first time!

The polyamide element--a synthetic fiber--also allows the moisture to be wicked away if the groomsmen’s feet perspire. So, this balanced mix really is ideal for a premium gift, and better than an all-cotton or all-synthetic choice.

Wool socks, incidentally, look stunning but can be quite itchy for some groomsmen and may also cause rashes if they contain lanolin. So woolen socks are not the best idea for groomsmen unless you know their preferences, which means your sock selection cannot then be a surprise.

The real gem, again, lies in the perfect blends of these materials. Cotton blends are particularly great for patterned groomsmen’s socks. And they go nicely with fancier leather shoes befitting a wedding.

3- The Color

Generally, the vibe of your wedding reception and the theme of your wedding guides the color of your groomsmen’s socks.

Modern and summer weddings allow for lighter shade outfits and playful pastel colors, while winter-themed weddings are often more formal and dressy--with heavier materials and deep evocative shades reminiscent of warmth and coziness.

If you are a more old-school dude, dress or plain groomsmen socks should be your go-to. Classic navy, plain gray and solid black make the best plain socks, but white ones can also do the trick depending on your wedding theme and outfit.

Ideally, you should make an effort to match your plain socks with the trouser leg, rather than the shoes. Just a word of caution: never match a black suit with white socks. Avoid this, and you’ll be glad you did.

Traditionally, a classic tuxedo goes well with formal black dress socks and standard leather shoes. Your guys can also step out in formal shoes paired with plain navy or gray socks for a refined look.

If you’re looking to add a fun twist with bold colors, you should make a point of deliberately referencing the color of another item making up the outfit. For instance, match the color of your tie, pocket square, or even the bridesmaid dresses. This is especially the case for bright or accent colors but also works for pretty pastels--if you can convince the lads to wear this shade! The women will be thrilled to see their dress colors and patterns emulated in the males’ socks.

The most daring couples can also up the ante by contrasting the shade of socks with other wedding colors. At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, the contrast itself should be made to look very deliberate; otherwise, your groomsmen will end up looking clownish.

You can choose to wear the same-colored socks or have each crew member sport a different shade, adding a polished touch to any wedding.

Of course, if solid plain colors aren’t your thing, Argyle, polka dots, striped or patterned groomsmen socks should be an easy choice (more on this ahead). A note on Argyle; just because this is an older, traditional pattern with its heritage in Scottish lairds doesn’t mean you have to be conservative with colors. Argyle has such strength in its core pattern that it can really carry off bold and even pastel shades, and still be authoritative. Nobody would ever be offended by an Argyle in any color, and even the fuchsia-pink Argyle sock can be masculine enough.

4- Fit and Size

Another vital consideration is the fit/size of the sock. This often boils down to the sock quality. Cheaper socks from big box stores as they are often made thinner to reduce cost and this isn’t ideal for socks that your guys will be in all day while running around for photos, standing during the ceremony, and dancing their proverbial socks off.

While most socks out there are not actually made to size, you will find options from upper-scale brands that are individually sized. Some online stores will even allow you to have the groomsmen’s socks custom made down to size.

Furthermore, it pays to keep in mind the type of shoe and the thickness of the sock when shopping for groomsmen’s attire. While a pair of wool or plush fleece socks with additional padding will feel comfortable when worn with shoes that are a tad too big, it’s a different story for an already tight pair.

For this part, therefore, you will have to talk to your groomsmen and have their respective shoe sizes written down. Generally speaking, most medium-rated socks should fit any American male wearing shoes from size 5 up to size 12.

For this part, therefore, you will have to talk to your groomsmen and have their respective shoe sizes written down. Generally speaking, most medium-rated socks should fit any American male wearing shoes from size 8 up to size 13.

If you have any youngsters in your wedding party (ring bearers, etc.), be sure to note that when you’re planning a purchase to ensure you obtain the appropriate child-sized socks.

5- Cost

Unless you have a bottomless wedding budget, cost should be one of the most important things to consider when shopping for groomsmen’s socks.

Splurge a little – after all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Wedding-worthy socks aren’t cheap. And nor should they be. A sock made out of expertly-woven wool or cotton/synthetic blends will cost far more than thinner standard options, but are definitely worth every dime. That’s because the brand pays a premium price for the material.

We recommend choosing an upmarket sock company and buying individual pairs for your ‘boys’--specially packaged as a great gift they will love to keep, with stunning gift boxes or name tags. This transforms them from being ‘just socks’ to a becoming keepsake.

6- Quality

The quality is the be-all and end-all of buying men’s socks for a wedding. A good, quality sock can feel not only comfortable but also lavish, which is why they are priceless in the long term. Well, can you truly put a price on photogenic socks that’ll make your wedding photos outstanding?

In some cases, however, socks come with a hefty price tag just because they are a name brand. We think you should not go for the Gucci sock and instead choose a reputable boutique online store such as we showed you earlier, in No Cold Feet. That’s because you’re getting high quality socks beautifully packaged and bespoke-labeled if you wish, and at an affordable price.

The Case for Patterned Groomsmen’s Socks

Solid and plain socks are all good and dandy. But, for the smart groom and his men who want to take it a notch further on the big day, patterned groomsmen socks are sure to add a punch to the wedding.

Patterns allow you to have a little extra fun on that special day and can be a subtle nod to the wedding colors. Just pick the right pattern (or a mix of them) and get ready for an unforgettable day.

Stripes, polka dots, and Argyle are the three most common socks patterns appropriate for a wedding, and each pattern brings some fresh and unique to the table. See how in the striped sock just shown, the colors are conservative but the material is plush and the stripes are playful.

Stupendous stripes

If you’re not feeling the plain sock trend, then striped patterns spice up the entire ensemble. There are so many stripe designs to choose from, opening the door wide open for you and your crew to truly customize and personalize your wedding-day look.

Stripes are classic patterns that can be tailored with a range of handsome colors. Depending on your outfit, you can keep it simple with muted, dulled or neutral shades like navy, black, beige and brown or simply go bold with impressive bright hues.
Usually, it’s safe to coordinate the stripe colors with the theme and vibe of the wedding, but you can contrast them to express your authentic personality as a pair. Still, you should blend in neutral colors for hassle-free pairing with the rest of the attire.

Let’s all go dotty

Not loving the stripes? Go bold by styling your crew in polka dots instead. Another classic sock pattern, polka dots are fun and imposing, which means they’ll leave an unforgettable impression on everyone in attendance at your wedding.

If chosen carefully, these patterns can add a touch of character, pizzazz, and your individuality to any look. With polka dots, the room for personalizing your sock is huge. You can play with multiple colors, and select from a range of small or big polka dots. The choice is yours.

Awesome Argyle

If you want to add some impressive color to your groomsmen socks without going off the rail, then as we mentioned earlier, argyle patterns will certainly fit the bill. These classic patterns are colorful, quirky and plenty of fun, all without losing that timeless appeal.

With argyle patterns, you can rest assured that your wedding photos will still look classy one, two or more decades to come, since this design is known to be timeless. If you’re a playful and adventurous couple, you can go also bold with checkers, plaid or optical illusion patterns.

Should You Pay for Your Groomsmen’s Socks?

The rules of gift-giving before, during, and after the wedding day are well-known but not set in stone.

Tradition holds that the groom should get a gift for every male member in his crew, including at least the groomsmen, the best man, ushers, and the ring-bearer.
In an increasingly individualized world, there are many plausible reasons to shower your guys with gifts. It’s a great way to appreciate members of your wedding party for their support, encouragement, and help.

Your groomsmen should get a more thoughtful gift than the ushers, but the best man should take the spotlight. And the same should be true down the wedding party hierarchy.

The groomsmen should receive their gifts at the bachelor party dinner or at the latest during the wedding rehearsal dinner. You can give them the presents in person, put them in front of each groomsman’s seat or leave them on the dinner table.

Also, anything goes when it comes to how much you can spend and what you can give to groomsmen. So, if you can afford it (and the bride actually agrees to this), then it would be an incredibly nice gesture. Your bros will surely thank you.

Should You Get Socks for Other Family Members and the Wedding Officiant?

Absolutely! There should be no cold feet at your wedding.

Making sure delightful socks are only worn by the groomsmen is a no-brainer way to make them stand out from the crowd of other wedding-goers. It’s also a great way to make your guys feel special and appreciated.

However, if the wedding officiant, ushers, ring-bearer, and other family members are wearing the same outfits as the groomsmen, then it would be appropriate to style them in similar socks. And anyway, giving superb, vibrant socks to just about everyone makes for a fun, amusing and playful--yet high-end--gift. They will sit well alongside other wedding favors and small treats.

The fact that everyone’s feet will be warm throughout the event will remind them of your wedding forever. And they can take off their painful shoes and have a really good boogie!

Wrapping up …

Socks are an extremely important part of the wedding ensemble, which is why you should never neglect them. There are so many reasons to spend time getting the best groomsmen’s socks.

  • It’s all in the quality - taking time to find high-quality, stylish and comfortable socks will undoubtedly make your groomsmen super happy, which means a great wedding.
  • Add more consistency to your wedding - Uniformity is important for the groomsmen’s attire. The more consistent your outfits, the more likely that your wedding pictures will be amazing.
  • Forge a legacy – It is subtle moves like this that make you a true friend and groom.
Unfortunately, not all socks are cut from the same cloth. To buy the right groomsmen’s socks for your wedding, you must pay attention to several desirable factors, including the color, material, size & fit, length, quality, and of course, the cost.